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42 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs

42 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs
42 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs
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upcycled pallet headboard with lights
amazing pallet black stained bed with gorgeous green lights! DIY

Free Pallet Platform Bed Plan:

rustic pallet platform bed
rustic pallet platform bed plan for kids!

Creative Pallet Shabby Chic Bed:

antique white pallet kids bed frame
easy-to-build pallet white bed frame on a budget!

DIY Pallet Bed with Shoes Storage:

repurposed pallet bed with storage
sturdy pallet bed plan with shoes storage, cool idea to maximize your storage space!

Elegant White Pallet Bed with Storage:

reclaimed pallet shabby chic platform bed design
white painted pallet bed with storage for shabby chic and modern bedroom interiors!

Free Vintage Bed Made of Pallets:

vintage inspired pallet bed
shabby chic pallet bed frame, also good for vintage inspired bedroom! DIY

Easy-to-Install Pallet Modern Platform Bed:

rustic pallet platform bed
simple yet modern pallet platform bed build to inspire!

Try to install the pallets in their original rectangular shapes to get a cozier platform bed frame, if you really want to create a custom look or version of your bed then dismantle the pallet boards to get a big collection of separated and removed slats and then plan what every you want with them as they will be used as a unit for either construction of your bed frame!

Pallet boards come in different wooden tones and wooden natures which may be based on their past condition under which those pallets have been treated so they may be just like new wood, rustic and weathered with patina or some time ultra-rustic or in between! You can give your first priority to shipping areas to get any wood nature of pallets as there is always abundance of retired pallet skids and you can choose your favorite one with great ease! And the good news which is above all, is that pallets are totally free to get and hopefully will always be!!!

Handy Pallet Bed Frame: DIY

diy pallet platform bed plan
handy pallet platform bed frame, cheapest way to earn a cozy and lasting wooden bed!

No-Cost Pallet Platform Bed Design:

free pallet platform bed design
super cool DIY idea to build a bed from pallets!

Chic Wooden Pallet Platform Bed:

handmade pallet platform bed design
simple yet elegant pallet bed plan with headboard, will be cool addition to modern or shabby chic interiors!

Super Easy Pallet Platform Bed:

white pallet platform bed design
easy to install white wooden bed design out of pallets!

Reclaimed Pallet Bed with Storage:

wooden pallet bed with storage
DIY pallet bed plan with storage, cool way to recycle those shipping skids or to maximize your storage space!

Modern White Pallet Platform Bed:

modern chic white pallet platform bed
how to reuse rustic pallet skids in your modern interiors, build this awesome platform bed out of them!

Creative Pallet Baby Bed:

diy pallet sturdy kids bed frame
DIY pallet toddler bed frame plan on a budget!

As you are reclaiming the pallets for interior uses here so you must be clever while selecting the pallets! Do analyze the conditions under which pallet has been used, go ahead if some pallets with heat treated tag, come to you eyes and just avoid the pallets which are chemically treated as they may injurious to health!

If selected pallets are containing a great gunk layer over the wood grains then you must have to clean it first for a gorgeous shiny and bright wood look, Prepare a soapy solution by mixing the soap or detergent with water and wash the pallets with it, let them dried over the night and then start you framework with them!

We all know that pallets are basically the shipping skids used to provide safety and protective coverage to heavier shipping deliveries or you can say that they bear lot of weight over them, this may cause some splinter to be popped up over their wooden surface! So it would be better that you sand all your under course pallet skids to get more smooth and splinter free flow of their wooden surfaces!

Rustic Extra Wide Pallet Platform Bed:

rustic pallet wide platform bed
pallet boards are perfect to floor up for a sturdy bed frame! Amazing pallet bed!

Distressed Green Pallet Platform Bed:

antique wooden pallet bed design
phenomenal way to repurpose those shipping skids, big pallet platform bed with accent headboard!

Cozy Pallet Beds with Storage:

upcycled pallet cozy beds
stack some of your pallets for cozy bed frames, stunning pallet beds! DIY

Rolling Pallet Bed with Cart Wheels:

handmade pallet rolling bed with cart wheels
pallet rolling bed frame with headboard, raised on cart wheels, DIY pallet bed frame plan!

Pallet Toddler Twin Beds:

rustic pallet twin bed for toddlers
DIY twin pallet toddler’s bed frame with accent headboards!

Black Stained Pallet Bed:

upcycled black stained pallet platform bed
super easy pallet black stained bed frame. DIY cheap wooden bed ideas!

Upcycled Pallet Bed with Decorative Headboard:

rustic bed out of pallets
creative way to reclaim the pallets for furniture, build this pallet bed frame with decorative headboard accent!

Now if you just want to give a first rate or firs-class comfort to your installed shapes or designs of pallet bed frames then just simply make them upholstered, padded or cushioned! Mattresses will be amazing to enjoy luxury sitting or sleeping comfort and would be significant ones! This is the only thing in all these DIY pallet project of bed for which you will have to pay! The fabulous result of throwing a piece of mattress on you recently made pallet bed, will be gorgeous looking luxury bed built to last and in custom dimensions for best fit to your master bed room area! Also add some pillows to double up the fun of your handmade bed! People with short incomes can really avail these no-cost pallet beds just to lower down their furniture expenditures that always disturb a lot! Do try these swank and super easy-to-build pallet bed designs to add more comfort and fun to your existing life!

Rustic Pallet Queen Size Bed Frame:

sturdy wooden bed made of pallets
trim down your furniture expenditures, try this DIY pallet sturdy bed frame design at home!

Handmade King Size Pallet Bed:

wooden bed made of pallets
DIY pallet queen size bed plan with beefy footboard and headboard!

Free Hand-Built Scorched Pallet Bed:

handmade scorched pallet queen size bed
DIY scorched pallet bed plan raised in queen size dimensions!

Blue Painted Rustic Pallet Bed:

pallet platform bed with blue headboard
rustic yet modern blue painted bed frame at zero cost!

DIY: Creatively Installed Raised Pallet Bed

ultra rustic pallet raised bed frame
live more with pallets, build amazing bed frames with them just like this raised pallet kids bed frame!

Stacked Pallet Bed with Lighted Headboard:

raised pallet bed with headboard
stacked pallets raised bed frame with lighted headboard accent! DIY

Built-to-Last Pallet Platform Bed:

sturdy pallet platform bed
wooden pallet sturdy platform bed with headboard, perfect for modern chic bedrooms!

Just align creatively the shipping skids to get simple yet sturdy pallet platform beds or construction all separately like side rails, sleeping section, headboard and foot board for a cozy bed frame, both options will rock!

For both these styles of pallet beds you just need perfect hardware for a lasting assemblage and to keep the pieces together strongly! L-brackets, nails, bolts and nuts, angled iron brackets would be perfect for unbeatable assembly of parts. Hot glue will be amazing to meet your adhesive needs and will give the inner strength to used pallet boards!

You can also finish these amusing beds with oil, wax, and polyurethane or even with some popular sealants to create more stability or to add weather and water proofing to them!

Do try these options to put more strength and durability in your finally finished products and enjoy them for the whole life time without any damage in the shape or to avoid weathering and fading!

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