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7 Wonderful Beginner's Woodworking Projects by Ana White ...

7 Wonderful Beginner's Woodworking Projects by Ana White ...
7 Wonderful Beginner's Woodworking Projects by Ana White ...
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X Console Table

I wanted to start this list of beginner's woodworking projects with this console table because this has always been in my to-do list.

I have not gotten around to trying this but I think you will have a grand time following the plan.

Most of the materials that you will need for this table are 2x4s.

I gather that they are optional but I say don't skip this step.

The corner hardware adds to the rustic beauty of the console table.

X Coffee Table

Since you're making the X console table, why don't you go ahead and construct this gorgeous coffee table, too?

This piece of furniture will need a fewer number of 2x4s but the wooden parts are pretty much similar to the previous project.

10-Dollar Ledge Shelves

Whether constructed in your living room or in any of your kids' rooms, these cheap and sturdy narrow shelves will play host to valued artwork or family photos.

Outdoor Storage Bench

This was created for storing patio or pool accessories but you can also use this indoors.

If I had this in my studio, it would spend the rest of its days as home to some of my fabrics.

Bar Cart

If your house is lacking one and you also happen to be somewhat crafty, this carpentry plan is for you.

Made entirely of 1x3 lumber, you will not spend a lot to build this piece of furniture.

That's impressive, considering that the inspiration behind this piece, the Pottery Barn's Chesapeake Bar Cart, is priced at $350.

Cubby Shelf

This can also be used as a type of dollhouse for a little girl.

Number 1 Shelf

If you want to build something for someone special, this number 1 shelf is a great idea.

If you have half-inch plywood strips and some paint lying around and you want an easy project, this woodworking plan is for you.

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