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A Totally New Rubber Band Gun, For Old Time Fun.

A Totally New Rubber Band Gun, For Old Time Fun.
A Totally New Rubber Band Gun, For Old Time Fun.
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Cottage Craft Works has just introduced a totally new designed rubber band gun just in time for the Holidays. The CCW-MK50 delivers rubber bands either by single shot or by rapid fire. It is probably just the slickest and fastest rapid fire rubber band gun on the market.

Rubber Band Guns have been around for generations, this new design takes on a whole new approach to the making of a fun toy for all from the ages of eight and above.

If you are concerned with the mess and expense of paint ball guns, this might be a good alternative. Obviously rubber band guns only shoot at close distances, but you don’t need to cart up the family to head off to a paint ball park either.

Shooting eight rubber bands or even 16 when they are doubled up, the CCW-MK50 utilizes a realistic slide bolt action to release the rubber bands as fast as you can pull the lever.

Most all the other rubber band guns on the market made to shoot multiple rubber bands use an imported plastic trigger and sprocket assembly. As the trigger is pulled it shoots one rubber band at a time, and then resets for the next pull of the trigger.

The CCW-MK50 fires the rubber bands in line using a pull lever. Rubber bands fire off as fast or slowly as you pull the lever. Shoot one at a time or pull fast and release them all in rapid fire sequence.

People who see this new rubber band gun in action for the first time stand a few seconds with their jaws dropped in amazement on just how fast it will unload on a target.

The CCW-MK50 is American made using solid pine and heavy CPVC plumbing pipe. It has only one moving part, and is designed to take abuse and hard play time. It is left unfinished to comply with finish certification requirements, but the realistic stock can be finished by the consumer.

The CCW-MK50 is shipped with a starter set of rubber bands. The CCW-MK50 will only shoot the brightly colored 7” 1/8” file folder rubber bands available at Wal-Mart or Office Depot stores and other locations. The bright colors make them easy to locate and clean up, so they don’t end up in your sweeper head.

You will only find this new amazing rubber band gun at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique old time back-to-basics online general store. Vintage style toys are just the beginning as you tour this back in time general store. Home Goods, Farm and Ranch, Kitchen and cooking, Hunting and Fishing products are all available at Cottage Craft Works .COM Many of the products are non-electric for a self-sufficient life style.

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