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Adding Mudroom Built-Ins to the Garage

Adding Mudroom Built-Ins to the Garage
Adding Mudroom Built-Ins to the Garage
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As part of my garage makeover plans I wanted to add a 'mudroom' to the back wall. This was my inspiration photo:

Erin from a Charming Nest actually built it from 2 IKEA Hermes TV consoles. Those cost $150 EACH plus she had to add all the wood on the top and build it in herself. For a total cost of $600. It *IS* gorgeous, but I needed to do it for half of that, although she was my inspiration 100%!

I wanted more shelving/cubbies for all the kids stuff, but I did want a bench for them to sit on and some low shelves for shoes.

So I went to Ikea and browsed around and here is what I came up with:

A Billy Wall Shelf ($40):

And a Smadal TV Stand ($70):

Using the dimensions I sketched out my layout on the wall (like I previously did for my workshop) The pink lines indicate stud placement, which I knew would be important for hanging the wall shelf as well as securing the shelves to wall for earthquake safety:

I wanted to back the unit with plank style beadboard ($20) so I cut down a large sheet with a jig saw:

It didn't need to be exact since I was covering up all the edges with shelving:

Because the wall had an outlet right in the middle of where I wanted to place the built ins, I had to measure where exactly it would fall:

I then used the drill and the jig saw to cut out a hole for the outlet:

After attaching the beadboard to the wall with paneling nails, I assembled all the bookcases and pushed them into place. Because of my planning, I was able to hit two studs to hang the wall shelf without trouble:

Because the "white" color of Ikea furniture is not really white, I took a shelf in with me and had Home Depot color match it for me ($10) and I painted the paneling:

After pushing the bottoms of each of the bookcases flat against the wall, it quickly became clear how NOT FLAT the drywall really was. There were huge gaps behind the bookcases:

After shimming and attaching each set of shelves to each other and to the wall with screws and L-brackets ($3), I was still left with quite a gap behind them:

Nothing a little quarter round ($15) couldn't take care of. I also added quarter round on the outside of the bookcases for a finished look.

The last thing I wanted to do was add crown molding ($30) on the top of the cabinets for a finished look. However, I ran into one major glitch: How do you add crown molding when the cabinetry changes height?

After researching options, I decided I would put a super short return and end it where the cabinets met.

You probably couldn't use this option if you were adding molding to cabinets with different elevations if they had doors since the doors wouldn't be able to open and close, but in my situation that was not a problem:

I think it came out great:

I repeated the process with all the cabinets, and then caulked the gaps. Lastly I added two corbels like my inspiration photo ($20) and 4 hooks ($18) and painted all the trim:

I didn't attach the TV stand/bench to the wall because I liked the ability to pull it out to sweep under it, and if I ever want to remove it in order to put in a second set of hooks, I will have that option.

Original article and pictures take http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2012/04/adding-mudroom-built-ins-to-garage.html?m=1 site

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