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10 Things Only Cat People Understand

10 Things Only Cat People Understand
10 Things Only Cat People Understand


It’s no secret that many of us would prefer to snuggle with our cat at night instead of going out and socializing with other humans. There’s no shame in that. Don’t worry about the judgment of the non-cat people.

#2 – A Glass Half Empty is Definitely Empty


By glass we mean bowl, as every cat owner knows that if a bowl is missing 5-10 kibbles it’s undoubtedly empty in your cats eyes and he will die immediately if you do not put more food in it.

#3 – 3AM Playtime


When’s the best time to run around the house, jumping on all the furniture and climbing up the curtains? Why, in the middle of the night, of course!

#4 – Computers & Books = Beds

Photo by Lisa Omarali via Flickr.

Non-cat people take for granted how easy it is for them to work on their laptop or read a good book. They don’t have to struggle with a cat deciding that this is the perfect moment

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for them to sleep right on top of your screen, page, or keyboard.

#5 – Petting: Time & Placement


Petting cats is a skill some people lack. Cats love to be petted, but only sometimes in some places for so long. You know what we mean.

#6 – Boxes Make the Best Toys


Cat toys are great, especially if they have catnip. But boxes are the best cat toy ever. I mean, who doesn’t love a cat’s box fort?

#7 – Dead Animal Presents


Other people think these are gross, but we’re proud to know our cats are superb hunters that love us so. We welcome disgusting dead animal presents like they’re a gift from our dearest friends…because they are.

#8 – Hairballs


Hairballs happen, man. Every relationship has it’s sacrifices, right? This is probably the one sacrifice cat lovers make.

#9 – Cat Hair, Cat Hair Everywhere

Photo by John H Kleschinsky via Flickr.

Let’s face it, no outfit is complete without cat hair on it. If your cat doesn’t help dress you, you’ve got a terrible fashion sense.

#10 – Cats Can Wear Clothes, Too


Let’s be real. There are clothes for cats and they are adorable. There’s absolutely no reason not to put a sweater on your cat unless your cat absolutely hates it. Some do, some don’t. You might be lucky – but there’s only one way to find out.

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