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Ana White Large Porch Bench - I Am a Homemaker

Ana White Large Porch Bench - I Am a Homemaker
Ana White Large Porch Bench - I Am a Homemaker
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Large front porch bench

Next, it’s completely obvious in the plan pictures but I didn’t realize that the front is flush, there is no overhang. It actually feels more comfortable on the backs of your legs, score!

Great plans for a seriously solid bench

Ana says to add the seat boards before the arms and she is totally right. If you add the arms first, you will have to struggle to get your screws in at the end of the boards.

Adding the seat before the arms is crucial on this bench

I built this by myself with no help, so making sure I was lining things up appropriately was not only important but tricky too. Keeping one eye on a level for the arms really helped. If they weren’t positioned right, I would be able to tell every. single. time I sat down. They are joined to the bench with screws that come into the arm from the back.

Be sure things are level before adding screwing when building

I am so glad that I didn’t have to drill pocket holes for every screw used on this bench (because it’s a lot!) I used the pocket holes where they were recommended and where they made sense to me. Obviously, the X back isn’t going to happen without it but if you don’t have a

Finishing Touches:

After you have followed all the instructions in the plans, fill the holes left by pocket holes and screws, sand and paint or stain. Then take your family of 4 and sit on this hunk of bench cause it is no joke! I swear I can almost lay completely flat and nap on this beast!

Consider this bench as an alternative to a few rocking chairs which typically cost $100 each!

Isn’t she lovely? I will fill you in on the finish Monday, but she totally matches my house and I am so happy with how well it all came together.

Ana White meets Annie Sloan

Take away tips:

  • Ana suggests painting the boards before you assemble the bench. I wish I did that for some parts of it, particularly between the seat pieces. It is just easier to do it when they are easily accessible. I ended up getting one of the $.97 cheap paint brushes from the hardware store so I didn’t ruin my good one jamming the bristles between the boards.
  • Take your time. You cannot do this in a rush. I do everything in a rush…except building. You truly have to enjoy the process in order to make a well loved piece of furniture.
  • The “X” pattern in the back can be tricky. Leave it for last and trace the angle. It is so much easier and takes the guesswork out of the equation.

I hope you will give this a go because there is nothing greater than the feeling of doing it yourself!

Original article and pictures take http://www.iamahomemaker.com/ana-white-large-porch-bench/ site

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