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DIY Faux Marble Countertop Update - Anika's DIY Life

DIY Faux Marble Countertop Update - Anika's DIY Life
DIY Faux Marble Countertop Update - Anika's DIY Life
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Rental bathroom makeover for kids. Everything is temporary and removable!

And nope, I did not replace it! Remember it is a rental and everything is temporary! When we leave, it will need to possibly go back to its former yellow glory –

This vanity really needs an update! see how I did it for under $100 and it is all removable!

It was a pretty straight forward project.

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Materials needed for faux marble countertop update –

How to update your countertop with contact paper –

Step 1 – Wipe down and clean the entire countertop with your choice of cleaner and do a final wipe down with rubbing alcohol.

Step 2 – Measure and cut out the length of

I first tried cutting flaps to cover the edge around the sink but ultimately found it easier to simply cut a long strip separately and attach to the inside edge.

Step 6 – Admire your beautiful “new” countertops.

Contact paper to cover up old ugly bathroom counter

What do you think of my Faux marble countertop update?

We have had them for almost a month and since it is in the kids bathroom they see a lot of “spills”. I am amazed at how well they are holding up. They have even been wiped down with cleaning sprays and still look like they did the first day. Oh I wish I had know about this in my past rentals!

Have you tried contact paper to cover countertops? They also have contact paper available in granite and a whole bunch of colors! I have seen these used to update kitchen countertops too!

You will not believe how easy it is to update old countertops! Just use Contact paper. Perfect solution for rental bathroom and Kitchen

Take a look at the other projects I did for this rental bathroom makeover for under $100. The best part is everything is temporary and removable – even this towel shelf and hook!

DIY Towel hooks and floating shelf for kids rental bathroom makeover.

The only 2 tiny holes that I had to make were to mount this DIY Wood valence.

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