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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats


Source: Scott Tucker via Flickr

1. Blue For A Reason

Those beautiful blue eyes that Siamese cats have didn’t just happen by chance. The gene that is responsible for the Siamese coat pattern also restricts the amount of pigment found in the eye–thus resulting in the signature pale blue color that the breed is known for.


Source: appaIoosa via Flickr

2. Didn’t You Hear Me?

These kitties are known for having a voice and not being shy whatsoever about showing it. Siamese are very vocal with their owners, expressing their feelings and desires with an assortment of meows specific to each need. If you’re looking for a kitty that’s lovable and chatty, then this is the perfect breed for you.


Source: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

3. I Really Need You

This is by no means an independent breed and they do not do well in an environment where they will be left home alone on a routine basis. A Siamese can actually become depressed if they are left unattended too often, and you will notice that if you own one of these pretty cats, they will take pride in following you around the home. Because

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of their calm and gentle nature, the Siamese also does very well in an environment with kids, making them a great choice as a family pet.


Source: _Teb via Flickr

4. Careful, I’m Sensitive

As a newborn kitten, all purebred Siamese enter the world entirely white. Over time, their distinctive markings begin to develop (around 4 weeks of age) due to a gene in their bodies that is heat sensitive. The infamous Siamese point markings (seal, chocolate, lilac, blue) are left as a result, showing up on the cooler parts of their body. That’s one “cool” cat!


5. I Hear You Loud And Clear

Unlike most blue-eyed cats that carry recessive traits and are prone to hearing issues, the blue-eyed Siamese have not been reported as to having any issues with hearing. Their blue eyes can cause them some issues with vision, especially at night, which makes the breed just that more dependent on their human. The once cross-eyed look that affected so many Siamese is now very rare due to proper breeding methods.

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