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5 Tips to Keep Cats off the Furniture

5 Tips to Keep Cats off the Furniture
5 Tips to Keep Cats off the Furniture

From Buy.com
Opposite side of the plastic mat

At your local office supply store, they sell plastic floor mats that will protect your carpet from being destroyed by the computer chair. Fortunately, the opposite side can be used as well. On the opposite side of the plastic mat there are hundreds of little spikes that grip the carpet. These harmless, yet uncomfortable spikes, can be used on the furniture to deter our cats. Their paws are very sensitive and most cats will never step on it more than once.
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape
    As we know, our cat’s paws are very sensitive and delicate. Double sided sticky tape is very uncomfortable to their paws, which makes it a perfect and safe deterrent. Apply strips of sticky tape on the item you don’t want the cats to go on and voila! Warning: Do not place sticky tape directly on leather furniture, it will leave residue that you cannot remove. Tip: Tuck in a flat bedding sheet into the furniture creases and apply the sticky tape to the sheet so it will not ruin the sofa.
  • Scat Mats with Voice or Electricity
    There are two kinds of scat mats that are successful in deterring cats from jumping on the furniture. One is the voice scat mat- when the cat
    Photo from Petco.com
    Keep cats off furniture
    jumps or steps on it, it makes a loud noise that scares the cat away. This may not work on all cats if they don’t care about loud noises and you may want to use this for a short amount of time; the loud noise will create a fear for the cat of other loud noises.
    The other is the electricity scat mat that delivers a small surge of electricity. This is pretty harmless even though it doesn’t sound like it. It’s the same kind of shock that we get when we touch our cars in dry weather, very small but unpleasant. Most of the scat mats can even be adjusted.
    Sites that carry scat mats: http://www.safepetproducts.com/scat-mat-for-cats-and-dogs.html?gclid=CKHpoL-zxq8CFZNdtgod926LYw
    Scarm Sonic Dog & Cat deterrentshttp://lovelydog.info/dog-beds-furniture/dog-furniture/sofa-scram-sonic-dog-cat-deterrent-repellent-mat.html (These are only the opinions of PetPeePee, we do not guarantee anything in
    Cat Spraying No More
    regards to the sites listed above.)
  • And lastly, Putting Other Pieces of Furniture on the Main Item
    Putting chairs, coffee tables and other items on the furniture will most likely deter any pet. You can even try tying down the pieces so the cats can’t push it down.

  • Things Not Recommended to Use

    Because we are a natural and pet friendly conscious company, we never recommend using any chemicals, smells /fumes. These may work with some cats, but other cats can have allergic reactions to the smells/fumes or even to the touch of it. Natural oils may work, but these dissipate over time and over-use can create even more problems.

    What have you used to deter your cats from jumping on the sofa or couch? Was this article helpful?

    Original article and pictures take http://petpeepee.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/5-tips-to-keep-cats-off-the-furniture/ site

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