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An easy DIY Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution that really works

An easy DIY Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution that really works
An easy DIY Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution that really works

Photos of dirty and clean carpet and a description of DIY carpet cleaning solution.

This simple DIY Carpet Cleaner formula really works!

You know that we are a do it yourself type of family. so when we clean our carpets, we don’t hire an outside company. One of the regular chores we had on our chore chart was “spotting the carpet” in the family room. Of course we didn’t mean putting spots on the carpet, but using a cleaning agent, usually water with a little vinegar in it, to clean dirty spots on the carpet.

Well, Steve had spotted and cleaned our entire family room carpeting a little more than six months ago, using our water and vinegar spotting spray and a rented Rug Doctor machine with their cleaning solution. We had some stains from kids and dogs that looked like they were cleaned, but all of them resurfaced. It was discouraging.

In an effort to be more effective (we hate spending time doing a task and not having it work), Steve went on an internet research binge.

He found this DIY carpet cleaning “recipe” on Pinterest and decided to try it. Our carpets now look brand new — it’s amazing.

– 2 oz Hydrogen Peroxide (3% – brown bottle from drug store)

– 1 oz Dawn Dish Soap (blue original formula)

He put it in a spray bottle and lightly sprayed the carpet in a no visible area to test it. It didn’t bleach or stain the carpet, so he tried it on the nastiest area that he had previously cleaned with conventional carpet cleaning solution several times. This is truly one of the simplest DIY solutions we’ve ever used.

Bottle of Dawn, Hydrogen Peroxide and a white spray bottle with a green sprayer is our DIY carpet cleaner solution.

He sprayed and then scrubbed with a clean rag in multiple directions.

Then he took a second spray bottle with filtered water and sprayed and scrubbed again – lifting off even more dirt. He wanted to remove as much of the detergent as possible.

The result was amazing. We’re going to watch the areas because they looked clean after using conventional carpet cleaning also. We’ll update in six months.

There are other variations of this recipe using less dish soap that might work, just test for yourself and see.

Bonus Update:

It’s been more than 9 months since we first tried this DIY carpet cleaning solution on the carpets and the stains are gone . . . completely gone. We love this solution so much that we’ve started using it on stains on our clothing and it has performed just a well. Spray it on, let is set and then wash as usual. Daughter Becky tried it on an oil stain on her off-white quilt and it even got that out!

Buying a Home Carpet Cleaner:


Cat Spraying No More
our success with spotting the carpet with this new hydrogen peroxide and Dawn solution, we were given a carpet cleaning machine from Annette’s sister. Now we use our – they range in price from $70 to about $150. If you’re a do it your-selfer, this is great investment.

If you follow our DIY Carpet Cleaning advice, use the formula we use and buy your own carpet cleaner you’ll have awesomely clean carpets and more money in the bank!

Author: Steve Economides

Scottsdale, AZ

Original article and pictures take http://www.moneysmartfamily.com/tips/type/cleaning/clean-nasty-carpet-stains site

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