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Easy Craft Show Display Tower Tutorial and an Upsetting Personal Realization

Easy Craft Show Display Tower Tutorial and an Upsetting Personal Realization
Easy Craft Show Display Tower Tutorial and an Upsetting Personal Realization
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I’ve had a few questions about my new craft show display tower thingys. So I created a tutorial…. and had an upsetting personal revelation.

These are not complicated (or revolutionary) designs but they are versatile and I think they could be adapted by anyone for their own needs.

If you want to be exactly like me (and, according to my mother, everyone does!) here is the first step

Step 1:

Carefully measure the cargo capacity of your Honda Fit – take note of height and depth of storage

Step 2

Totally ignore those measurements and make something that doesn’t fit.

Curse….A lot.

Step 3

Find yourself wondering if, maybe, David Bull (1st grade frenemy) wasn’t correct when he said that you were “dumb and your mother dresses you funny.”

Turn to photo archives for solace and make upsetting discovery.

My beautiful picture

Step 4

Suck it up and try again

Gather Supplies!

Gather your materials – my displays are 6’6” tall and the measurements reflect that but you could make them any size

You will need:

  • Two pieces of 2”x2” pine lumber cut to 78” each (select carefully make sure they are as straight as possible). Sanded smooth
  • Two pieces of 2”x2” lumber cut to 21” each. Sanded smooth.
  • 1 piece of thin backing material (luann, melamine, it could be cardboard if you liked) cut to 68” high by 24” wide
  • Shoe Molding cut down to 1.5” pieces for shelf supports
  • Carpenters Glue
  • Screws
  • Paint (green – don’t even think about another color)
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Carpenters Square (optional)
  • Clamps (optional – not pictured)
    Materials and Supplies for Craft Show Display

Step 1 – Mark for Cross Pieces

I chose to give my display boards legs so, laying them next to each other, I marked each side 10” up from the bottom.

I then used the cross piece as a guide and marked that and put an X where I wanted to drill my pilot holes.

I repeated the process at the top of the frame as well and then drilled my pilot holes (pilot holes are key here to keep your wood from splitting when you insert the screw).

Step 2 – Mark and attach the shelf supports

Before I assembled the frame I wanted to get the shelf support in place – that way I knew the shelves would be level.

Mark Shelf Supports

So I carefully marked where I wanted each shelf and……went and had lunch and forgot to attach them.

Later, when I realized this screw up, I found my thoughts returning to David Bull and his cruel taunts.

I tried to reassure myself that the first photo was an anomaly

It was not

My beautiful picture

I then called David Bull and apologized for thinking poorly of him all these years.

Step 3 – Assemble the Frame

When you’re working by yourself clamps are your friend (sounds sadder than I meant it to). If you clamp them to a carpenters square you not only get a true 90 degree angle you leave your hands free to drill the screw into place.

Step 3 Assemble the frame

Repeat this on all four corners and you have this!

Step 3A Painting

Here is where my tutorial gets a little goofy. It’s, like, 103 today and painting ain’t gonna happen. But if it were, now is the time when you would paint the frame and the backboard (green!).

Step 4 Attach the Backboard

After the paint dries just a screw every foot or so will do just fine.

Attach backing board

And, voila! You have this!

Completed Craft Show Display Tower

(OK I am cheating – that’s a picture of my original displays– since the new one wasn’t painted I wanted to show you these.)

My goal was to make something versatile. So, as you see I’ve attached the two of them with a piano hinge. This allowed me to set them up in an accordian style for my Renegade booth as you can see here:

Coaster Display CheltenhamRoad Renegade Summer Show Los Angeles

For Unique LA they were set up as four sided towers and I connected them at the top with L brackets

They could also be hinged along the top rails to create an A Frame display.

I backed two of them with peg-board so I could hang my letters and magnets

Large Letter Display Tower for Unique LA Summer Show 2012


You’re probably wondering why I haven’t talked about the shelves.

What I’ve learned and what I’ll do going forward

My original shelves were simply two thin strips of wood glued together at a right angle and painted

Shelf option 1

They worked just fine and held the coasters in place when wind would kick up or during the occasional customer jostling but I decided that I’m going to retrofit them using something like this

Shelf Option 2

It’s hard to get a good picture of it but this is simply a strip of wood with a strip of plexiglass attached to it. This keeps the items more visable and you can create a higher “retaining wall” so-to-speak.

The shelves are just glued in place onto the toe kick brackets.

I hope this is helpful and if I’ve left any steps out or been vague don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I’m very happy with the displays and comforted by the fact that, though I may be dumb occasionally, I was not the only one my mother dressed funny.

just hanging out and blending in

Love you mom!

Original article and pictures take http://cheltenhamroad.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/easy-craft-show-display-tower-tutorial-and-an-upsetting-personal-realization/ site

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