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Easy Woodworking Projects DIY Projects

Easy Woodworking Projects DIY Projects
Easy Woodworking Projects DIY Projects
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Easy Woodworking Projects

Want to try your skills in some easy woodworking projects? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, I’m sure you’ll find something to work on this list of wood craft ideas. In case you don’t know, wood isn’t really hard to work with. If you have the proper tools and a little know-how, I’m sure you can make one or twenty-two of these easy woodworking projects. From planters to tables, get your work clothes out and let’s start building.

It’s always such an accomplishment when you finish a DIY project you spent time and effort on. And when I use my hammer and nails, the feeling is just exhilarating. I know you may think woodworking projects are just for men but you should think again. Wood crafts aren’t projects just for men. Though I must admit, I was also intimidated to use power tools, or any tools in that matter. But after completing my first project, I realized it’s just the same as any craft project I work on. It just needs a little of your time and effort.

So for all of you out there who’s looking for an easy wood project, check out this list. You may just find your first simple wood project.

DIY Sawhorse | Easy Woodworking Projects
via DIY Ready

This is an easy wood project for beginners. You need somewhere to do your sawing right? Click here to read more!

2. DIY Hanging Planter

DIY Hanging Planter | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Bigger Than The Three of Us

Work a jigsaw and make this stunning planter to hang in your home. Get the tutorial here.

Pallet Wood Wall Art | Easy Woodworking Projects
Wall Art

If you’ve ever wondered how to make those weathered wood wall art signs, this tutorial will show you how. Click here to read more!

4. Glowing Table

Glowing Table | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Instructables

Light up any party with this amazing table that glows in the dark. Get the steps here.

 Amazingly Easy DIY Metal Pipe Table | Easy Woodworking Projects
Woodworking Projects

An industrial design that’s inexpensive and sooo easy to make. Click here to read more!

Make wood look rustic & aged with this easy tutorial: http://t.co/p6ZfijT5ZI #DIY #woodprojects pic.twitter.com/SEVj2l9prv

— DIY Ready (@DIYReady) June 14, 2015

6. DIY Utensil Organizer

DIY Utensil Organizer | Easy Woodworking Projects
via A Beautiful Mess

This would be so easy as long as you have a wooden box. Get the steps here.

7. DIY Wooden Clothes Rack in Under 15 Minutes

DIY Wooden Clothes Rack in Under 15 Minutes | Easy Woodworking Projects
via chloelarkin

Fast and easy wood project that will give you more space for your clothes. The best part, it only take 15 minutes to make it! Get the tutorial here.

8. DIY Circle Wood Shelf

DIY Circle Wood Shelf | Easy Woodworking Projects
via New Blooming

A cute wood shelf that will make a great room decor. Check it out here.

9. Minimal X-Shaped Coasters

Minimal X-Shaped Coasters | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Homedit

This is so easy, all you need is some glue. Get the tutorial here.

10. DIY Office Supply Tray

DIY Office Supply Tray | Easy Woodworking Projects
Simple Woodworking Projects

Having a hard time finding your office supplies? Here’s a great DIY organizer you can make. Get the instructions here.

11. DIY Holder for Wine Bottle and Glasses

DIY Holder for Wine Bottle and Glasses | Easy Woodworking Projects
via downhomeinspiration

A craft project for those wine lovers out there. Make this DIY holder and bring your wine bottle and glasses anywhere the party is. Get the steps here.

12. Wooden Bookends

Wooden Bookends | Easy Woodworking Projects
via eHow

A great project from reclaimed wood. Add this accent piece in your rooms to tidy up your book collection. Get the tutorial here.

13. Rustic Hook Decor

Rustic Hook Decor | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Weekender Wife

Create a rustic hook that doubles as a home decor and a great place to… well, hang stuff. Check it out here.

14. DIY X-Brace Bench

DIY X-Brace Bench | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Rogue Engineer

Can you imagine this in your backyard? I can. Get the tutorial here.

15. Tiered Garden Shelf

Tiered Garden Shelf | Easy Woodworking Projects
via The Cwafty Blog

If you love gardening, you’ll love this simple wood project. Get the instructions here.

16. DIY Wooden Spoon

DIY Wooden Spoon | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Fair Goods

Never run out of wooden spoons once you’ve learned this simple wood craft. Get the steps here.

17. Cute Side Table

Cute Side Table | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Her Tool Belt

Would you believe this cute curvy side table will only cost you $12 to make? Get the tutorial here.

18. DIY Bottle Vase

DIY Bottle Vase | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Nur Noch

Do a little upcycling while you’re at it. Make this simple DIY wood project and repurpose old bottles into adorable vases. Get the steps here.

19. DIY Bottle Opener

DIY Bottle Opener | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Shanty 2 Chic

If you have a man cave, then you really need to make this quick and easy DIY project. Get the tutorial here.

20. Easy DIY Birdhouse

Easy DIY Birdhouse | Easy Woodworking Projects
via Simmworks Family

Introduce the kids into woodwork with this easy birdhouse project. Have them help out with painting. Get the steps here.

21. DIY Wood Cutting Board

DIY Wood Cutting Board | Easy Woodworking Projects
via To Simply Inspire

Make this DIY wood cutting board with just a few easy steps. Check it out here.

DIY Headboard and Bedframe | Easy Woodworking Projects
via DIY Ready

If you’re up for an afternoon of building, try this simple wood project. Believe me it’s not as complicated as it seems. Click here to read more!

Got time for 5 more? Then watch this easy woodworking projects from Jack Houweling:

Which easy woodworking project are you trying this weekend? Let me know below in the comments!

And if you need more DIY projects to work on, get more ideas here!

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