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How To Make A Hanging Lightbulb Planter DIY Ready

How To Make A Hanging Lightbulb Planter DIY Ready
How To Make A Hanging Lightbulb Planter DIY Ready
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How To Make A Hanging Lightbulb Planter

I saw a great image of this project for a hanging lightbulb planter a few times on Pinterest, but had trouble finding instructions that showed how to make it. After spending far too long digging, with no luck, I figured it could not be that hard to do, and it is not. I like this project, because it is unusual and adds a lot of visual impact, but costs nothing and takes very little time. You can actually put lots of things other than flowers in these lightbulb vases, and the vase does not have to hang. I propped one on a tealight and set it on an end table, and it looks great. Once you have emptied the lightbulb of the glass, you can get pretty creative. I intend to post additional projects soon, but if you have ideas for a cool project using repurposed lightbulbs, let me know. I would love to hear about it and post photos.

Supplies you need:

  • A lightbulb
  • Pliers
  • Twine or fishing line (whichever you prefer. I used baker’s twine)
  • Safety googles (You will be breaking some glass, so don’t skip out on these!)

HangingLightbulb 11
Supplies you need to make a hanging lightbulb planter

Step 1:

On the bottom of the lightbulb, there will be a round metal tab. Use your pliers to peel off this metal tab.

HangingLightbulb 2
The metal tab on the lightbulb should come off easily with pliers.

HangingLightbulb 3
After you remove the metal tab, the bulb will look like this.

Step 2:

In order to get to the inside of the lightbulb, you will have to remove the black glass piece. (yes, it’s glass, so be careful!) To do this, hold the lightbulb at the metal base so that you don’t break the bulb piece. Firmly tap the side of your metal pliers (you can use a hammer if you prefer) against the black glass. With a couple of hits, the black glass will break. Turn the lightbulb upside down so all the broken glass falls out.

HangingLightbulb 4
Tap the pliers against the bulb a few times until the black glass breaks.

HangingLightbulb 5
After you shake the glass out, the bulb will look like this.

Step 3:

Now that you’ve removed the black glass on the bottom, you’ll need to remove the glass that encases the filament. Once again, hold the lightbulb by the metal base. Use the tip of your pliers to gently tap the glass until it breaks. This can be tricky, so be extra careful not to tap too hard or you risk breaking the bulb. Once broken, continue to use your pliers to remove the filament and any extra class at the opening.

HangingLightbulb 7
Remove the filament glass like this.

HangingLightbulb 8
After removing the filament glass, the bulb will be empty like this.

Step 4:

Cut your string or fishing line to the desired length and tie it to the base of the lightbulb.

HangingLightbulb 9
Cut a piece of twine or wire to use for hanging.

HangingLightbulb 10
Tie the twine around the bulb so that the two ends go back upwards for hanging.

Step 5

Put some fresh or dried flowers in the vase and enjoy! You can experiment with larger bulbs as well different shaped ones.

Original article and pictures take http://diyready.com/make-hanging-lightbulb-planter/ site

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