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Live-Edge and Raw Wood Decorating Ideas

Live-Edge and Raw Wood Decorating Ideas
Live-Edge and Raw Wood Decorating Ideas
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Lots of people aspire to make their home decor modern, but if you're not careful, modern can become cold, stale and uninteresting. The cure for a mod overdose? Something natural. Like a touch of authentic, organic, real wood. Here are eight rooms to show you how it's done.

Above, slabs of wood being used as a headboard in this bedroom from Domino.

A live-edge wood coffee table with modern legs in this space on My Domaine by Amber Interiors

This raw wood bar top is the perfect addition to Corianne Burton's kitchen, as seen on her Instagram.

Live-edge wood adds tons of interest and texture to a simple wall of floating shelves, like in this renovation featured on The Kitchn.

With a bit of hardware, a large raw wood slab can become a sliding barn door, like here on Traditional Home.

Take a piece of lumber and add four caster wheels and you'll get this piece from Planete Deco via Beckers, which could be used as a shelf or even a low-profile TV stand.

This living room makeover from The Merry Thought features raw wood installed as both a stair rail and as curtain rods.

And in this bathroom from Jodie Rosen Design, a live-edge piece of wood was installed as a floating bathroom countertop.

Which of these wood applications is your favorite?

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