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Mason Jar Wall Planter

Mason Jar Wall Planter
Mason Jar Wall Planter
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Step #1.

I got a scrap piece of wood and laid the clamp on it. I got a nail that was about the size of the screw I would be using, and then hammered the nail into one of the slits in the clamp. It forced the slit in the clamp open so I could then screw it to the barn wood board.

Step #2.

I screwed the clamps to the board.

Step #3.

Then I screwed the board to the wall. When the jars are added they will hide the screws used to attach it to the wall.

Step #4.

Add rocks to the bottom of the jar. Add a little potting soil and then the plant. Add more potting soil around the plant.

Step #5.

While I held the jar in place I tightened the clamp. Those babies aren’t going anywhere!

What is your favorite way to display houseplants?

Original article and pictures take http://www.notjustahousewife.net/2011/08/mason-jar-wall-planter.html site

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