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Deb Chausky - The Oil Dropper

Deb Chausky - The Oil Dropper
Deb Chausky - The Oil Dropper

Deb Chausky

Young Living Member #1558472

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I am glad you are interested in Young Living pure essential oils and getting healthier. I have enjoyed using the oils for assistance with weight loss, relief from normal daily stiffness and soreness and staying well this winter when flying and being in contact with sick people at the hospital. I love diffusing the oils at home and even wear a personal diffuser necklace at work.

My daughter, who is a nurse practitioner, got me involved with the oils when she bought me the premium starter kit for Christmas. I am beginning to branch out and am ordering at least one new oil every month on Essential Rewards. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the oils. I hope that you will decide to try the essential oils and be a healthier you this year!

I began my journey with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. I love and highly recommend this amazing set.

It truly will give you a great start to your new essential oil journey. This is a very cost efficient way to get started on your quest to health.

Cat Spraying No More

You can truly utilize these oils for so many different things.

Are you ready to get started with your own essential oil collection?

Did you know you can order at wholesale pricing? Becoming a Member allows you to purchase at WHOLESALE pricing (24% off). This is just the beginning because there are a lot of benefits to ordering this way.

Becoming a wholesale member with Young Living does allow you the option of sharing these wonderful oils with your friends and family. This is how I got started with Young Living and how I began earning my oils for FREE every month.

After you purchase your starter kit you are not required to make any further purchases. Think of this as a membership similar to Costco, only with Costco you pay to belong and you receive great pricing, with Young Living you receive a starter kit with essential oils and a diffuser.

I Recommend the Premium Starter Kit!

This is a great value you will get 11 essential oils plus a diffuser and several samples of the top 5 oils and Ningxia Red. Plus some great bonuses from me for enrolling with me!

New Premium Starter Kit 2015
Oils shown are for U.S. premium starter kit, other countries may vary.

Essential Oils Included

The premium starter kit comes with TEN oils in the Everyday Oils Collection PLUS a bottle of Stress Away. This set allows you to have the wholesale membership so you can save 24% on all future purchases!

5 Single Oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Copaiba

6 Blends: PanAway, Purification, Thieves, DiGize, R.C., & Stress Away (bonus oil )

Diffuser Choices

The premium starer kit also comes with your choice of diffuser. The options include: Dewdrop Diffuser ($160), Home Diffuser ($160), Bamboo Diffuser ($170), or the Aria Diffuser ($260).

Watch this quick video tutorial on creating your account!


As my gift to you for enrolling with me and ordering your Premium Starter Kit as a wholesale member, I will send a FREE gift. You will also be invited to our free online resources and website Oil Moxie.


Product Catalog

To view Young Living’s entire product catalog with wholesale and retail pricing, you can find the online edition here.

Original article and pictures take http://www.theoildropper.com/debchausky/ site

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