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D.I.Y. Litter Mat

D.I.Y. Litter Mat
D.I.Y. Litter Mat

Yoyo supervising the assembly process.

We then tried to put the mat into the shower stall where our litter box is (and yes, our cats have their own bathroom) and found that the mat was about 2 inches too wide.

So it was off to Home Depot where we purchased a cheapo hacksaw for $10.

We used a sharpie to draw a line for where the cut needed to go and went at it with the hacksaw. The tiles are made of a softer plastic so it didn’t take too long to saw through. I’m glad that we only had to do 3 tiles though! I then used some really coarse sandpaper to clean up the edges.

Sawed and sanded off edge.

And then the mat went into the bathroom.

It looks quite nice actually!

And the kitties approved.

Yoyo and Bobo checking out the new mat.

As a side note: In case you haven’t noticed,

Cat Spraying No More
we use a giant tupperware bin for a litter box. We used to have one of those litter boxes with the lid on top, but Yoyo is a total “dig to china” kind of cat. Having a lid on the box meant that when he started kicking up litter, it would slam into the sides/roof and land on top of him and he would track it all out of the box.

We got the idea to use the tupperware bin from a cat behavioralist and it’s worked great for us. Plastic bins are cheap and come in many sizes and do just as good a job as the boxes you get at the petstore, so if you’re looking for a cheap alternative, check out your local Target or Walmart.

So we’re on week 2 of using the Ribtrax mat and it seems like it’s doing an even better job of keeping down the kitty litter than the old mat. I’ve already had to lift out one tile to rinse off and it was very easy to do. I’m really happy with it so far!

Original article and pictures take https://kraftsykitties.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/diy-litter-mat/ site

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