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DIY Enzyme Cleaner

DIY Enzyme Cleaner
DIY Enzyme Cleaner

Title 2

citrus peels


brown sugar


2 litre plastic bottle (big pop bottle or something like that)


stuff your bottle with citrus peels


add brown sugar


add water


shake and date


DIY Enzyme Cleaner


2 ½ cups lemon, orange, and/or lime peels (about 3 oranges and 3 lemons)

7/8ths a cup of brown sugar

Cat Spraying No More

4 cups of water


Add all ingredients to a 2 litre plastic bottle. Replace the lid and shake everything up. Loosen lid a bit so gas can escape and put it in a cupboard for the next 3 months. Some sites say you’re supposed to shake it every day. I happen to know I’ll never do that, but I do plan to shake it whenever I think of it.

This recipe makes a concentrate, so once the mixture has fermented you can add 1/2 cup of it to a litre of water and that is your cleaning solution.

I’m going to say it once more. Loosen the lid so the gas can escape! This stuff is fermenting and becoming quite tooty. Much like yourself, if the gas can’t escape it will eventually explode. Happened to an Uncle of mine once. Had to scrape him off the church walls. True story.

I’m touting this cleaner as something for pet urine, but apparently it’s great for a lot of things. Most things. In fact, according to the Internet, that uncle who got splattered all over the church walls from not tooting? You could have cleaned the church with it.

So I’ll meet you back here in 3 months. Spray bottle in hand, urine on the floor. Go team.

Update: Wanna hear about the results? Read the follow up post, DIY Enzyme Cleaner, The Results Show.

Original article and pictures take http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/diy-enzyme-cleanerack/ site

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