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Friday Favorites - Carlsbad Cravings

Friday Favorites - Carlsbad Cravings
Friday Favorites - Carlsbad Cravings


Favorite Summer Refreshment: This Tropical Fruit Smoothie is waiting to transport us to paradise. I’m ready.


Favorite Indoor Oasis: I am in love with this bathroom!

Cat Spraying No More
I think I could spend all day here.


Favorite Summer Idea: Campfire cinnamon rolls. I might just have to try these this weekend!


Favorite Decorating Idea: How easy is it to submerge flowers in water to create a dynamic centerpiece? Love!


Favorite Creative Solution: Love these barn doors as closet doors! Never thought I’d say closet doors were beautiful!


Favorite Friday Flashback: Skinny Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta! I posted this my second week of blogging and it is still a family favorite! Simple, easy, cheesy and delicious – and did I mention it has bacon!!!


Favorite “Ahhhhhh!”: This French bulldog puppy has captured my hear. Before we got Kiwi (our French bulldog), I didn’t want another dog because we had to find a new home for our last dog who traumatically attacked two other dogs within weeks of each other. So for months, Patrick would change my screensaver to a different French Bulldog picture. Heart melted.


Favorite Summer Hangout: I could definitely get used to lounging by this fire pit swing. Where’s my stack of books?!

fire pit swign set

Favorite 4th of July Photo: Gorgeous! I found this photo by Elizabeth Panko and had to add the text because its perfect for today!


God bless America! Have a very Happy 4th of July weekend!



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