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Here’s Why You Should Unsubscribe from this Blog

Here’s Why You Should Unsubscribe from this Blog
Here’s Why You Should Unsubscribe from this Blog

Here's the hard-learned but invaluable lesson I've learned about life and blogging...

I’m a full-time writer/editor with a diverse client roster. I write for doctors, life coaches, conservative business owners, and media companies with varying standards and style guides. All day, every day I cater to these folks, crafting content that meets their respective needs. Enter this blog — my breathing space. It’s where I strip off the suit and slip into my skin. I write when I’m giddy. I write when I’m moody. I write to feel the world and purge my soul of its impact. It’s what writers do. I don’t apologize for that.

I started this blog with one goal in mind: to inspire myself and my readers. I hoped that every post would be brilliant and spa-like in its ability to transport you to someplace amazing. But I also knew there’d be days when my dark side took over and spilled something more potent on the page. There’d be posts about penises, divorce and my dog. Why? Because this is my life, and this is my blog. This stuff is real; this stuff is raw. So while I always strive to inspire, I refuse

Cat Spraying No More
to dilute myself here. I love you, dear reader, I do, but I own these words. I won’t make excuses for them.

What One Reader Said to Prompt This Post…

After publishing the aforementioned “penis post,” I received notice that someone had unsubscribed from this blog, stating the reason as follows:

“I went on my device to be inspired…but reading your graphic post at 6am left my stomach turning. I could have gotten the idea without all the details and was also left feeling violated. Sometimes we don’t need to repeat disgust to stop it.”

This did not shock me. It did not offend me or leave me wondering whether I had been too “graphic.” I said what I needed to say in my passion-fueled post. It felt good and right when I wrote it. There was a time when I pleased people. I wrote things that were flowery. I weighed every word and sought every opinion before I’d ever hit “publish” on a post. A derogatory comment in my inbox would damage my fragile ego and leave me rethinking my work. But you live and you learn, and hopefully you get to a place where you can believe in yourself, humbly accept criticism, and fully understand that not everyone will be a fan. As Pink so eloquently said it, “They don’t like my jeans. They don’t get my hair.”

This blog represents ME, with messy hair, with yoga pants and not-so-yogic thoughts. I’m not a Yoga Mat Goddess; I am a Yoga Mat Monkey, I thought we established that. And that means I’m imperfect, and silly, and sometimes too much for some folks. But here’s the deal: I don’t care. Not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I want you here, oh lordy I do, but it’s more important for me to connect with my readers in a real way than to concoct bullshit posts for the popular vote.

If you signed up for this ride by subscribing to my posts, here’s a virtual high five. Yeahhhh buddy! I appreciate you and your ability to endure, possibly even enjoy these ramblings. But if you find me offensive, too brash or too blunt, then do me a favor: unsubscribe to blog updates and clear a small bit of clutter from your inbox. Go support a blogger who speaks your language, who sings the tune that gets your feet tapping. That amazing writer is waiting for your eyes to find his page.

I don’t do fake friendships. I don’t write for applause (although it sure is welcome). If you “like my jeans and get my hair,” I’m glad you came. Hop in and let’s ride.

Mantra: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde

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