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Modern Sexual Etiquette • The Ten Commandments

Modern Sexual Etiquette • The Ten Commandments
Modern Sexual Etiquette • The Ten Commandments

(1) Thou shalt take care of thy personal hygiene.

This is includes but is not limited to trimming (or removing) one’s bush, shaving one’s beard or legs, wearing deodorant and having fresh breath.

(2) Thou shalt discuss contraception.

This conversation should be had before entering the bedroom. A modern lady or gentlemen will always have a supply of condoms on hand.

(3) Thou shalt disclose sexual diseases.

Bearing the scars of an interesting sexual history is nothing to be ashamed of and most situations can be solved creatively. Most modern ladies and gentlemen will be willing to figure out how to stay healthy and still have fun.

(4) Thou shalt give directions and make noise.

A new partner has no idea of your sexual preferences. Gentle guidance and moans of appreciation are necessary to avoid disappointment.

(6) Thou shalt indulge in post-coital affection.

Rolling over and going to sleep is the sign of a lazy lover. Spend time kissing, cuddling, and appreciating the afterglow.

(5) Thou shalt stay the night.

Unless negotiated prior to sex, one should always stay the night. Leaving immediately after sex, or slipping away in the middle of the night is rude and unforgivable.

(6) Thou shalt refrain from snoring, farting, and other offensive bodily functions.

One should be a pleasant night-time companion, not a disgusting one.

(7) Thou shalt not expect morning sex.

Some ladies aren’t their best in the morning and don’t want to be prodded by a gentleman’s morning hard-on. This is not always the case, but a gentleman should demonstrate a degree of sensitivity the next morning.

(8) Thou shalt accept the offer of a morning beverage.

Your new companion may not have your preferred brand of herbal tea or even any milk in the fridge. This is not the time to be fussy. Drink your damn coffee and shut up.

(9) Thou shalt offer to help make the bed.

Although this offer will probably be turned down, a true lady or gentleman will want to help tidy up the mess they have made. Offering to help make the bed shows a mature sense of responsibility.

(10) Thou shalt not lie about the future.

If it’s just a one night stand, then please say so as graciously as you can. If you wouldn’t mind another casual assignation, then please express this desire clearly. If you want to go on a second date, arrange it before you leave. Even if you never want to see this person again, a

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text on the way home to say ‘thank you’ is a pleasant way to end your encounter.

Original article and pictures take http://head-heart-health.com/17531/modern-sexual-etiquette site

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Mental Illness and Conspiracy Theories

Mental Illness and Conspiracy Theories
Mental Illness and Conspiracy Theories

Bipolar manic symptoms include paranoia, delusions and obsessiveness. Can mental illness and conspiracy theories be dangerous to your stability?

As the world mourned the events in France this month, the conspiracy theorists were busy at work creating videos and writing posts to refute all information coming from the media, enforcement agencies and government press releases. Before the sirens even stopped ringing, they were uploading. Just like every other source, there is a rush to analyse, report and be the first to hit the world-wide web.

: a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.

I have to admit that I enjoy intellectual discussion and love to play devil’s advocate when debating with someone who has very strong points of view. Even if I agree with someone, I like to see if they can defend their position. Conspiracy theories are fascinating and while I don’t believe them all, it can not be denied that there have been many theories that over time, have proven to be true.

Over the last few decades, news media and government agencies have proven over and over again that they can not be trusted to tell the truth. Whether that is a rush to report or cover up is irrelevant. The point is, you just can’t trust all the information presented. You must do your own research to the best of your ability to arrive at some resemblance of the truth. Obviously I can’t fly around the world to investigate but in general, my personal theory is to follow the money to uncover untruths. Even presenters of conspiracy theories get big money for shelling out their version of the truth and sell products based on people’s’ fear.

Here’s the rub. What if you have a mental illness? Is it healthy to engage in debating conspiracy theories? While it may be all fun and games for me to converse about theories, for Mr. Bipolar it is a completely different ball game. I have to keep a lid on the level and nature of talk about conspiracy theories. I can not be certain that his last mania brought about his obsession with conspiracy theories or the other way around.

Obsession and paranoia are prevalent during mania for people with type 1 bipolar disorder. Some psychiatrist/psychologists believe this stems from their need for and lack of control of their own bodies and minds during mania. Letting them engage in reading/listening/discussing conspiracy theories is just like throwing gas on the fire.

I guess what I find really annoying is that there are several well-known conspiracy theorists that gets themselves into such a frenzy when they are talking. I get it. You are excited and you are engrossed in your topic but I can’t stand listening/watching to them when they really get going. I can understand passion. But it’s just so over the top. I can’t figure out if these performances are for show, to sell more subscriptions or if maybe the presenters are manic as well. I do not think they know that they are firing up people who are mentally unstable. Conspiracy theories are also big business so I am not sure they care.

Over the last few weeks on FaceBook, while many where changing their profile pics to show support for France, I also seen a trend from advocates of bipolar, report that they were tuning out. Not because they don’t care but because they care too much. Those with a mental illness are emotionally sensitive. They feel more. They grieve more. Negative world events can cause havoc for them and their stability. They must walk a fine line between being informed and staying healthy.

I do believe that talking about conspiracy theories for mentally stable people is both necessary and informative. Especially

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in today’s world where main stream media’s reporting is questionable and biased at best. We must question the world around us and demand the truth. But if you or your loved one suffers with bipolar or another mental illness, please be careful and limit your exposure to conspiracy theories. Always balance the need to be informed and involved with your own mental health.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or a doctor. This post is based solely on my personal experiences and should not be deemed as advice or counsel. Please seek appropriate medical attention from a licensed professional.

Original article and pictures take http://www.livingwithbatman.com/2015/11/21/mental-illness-conspiracy-theories/ site

Make Your Own Deodorizing Carpet Powder - One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Own Deodorizing Carpet Powder - One Good Thing by Jillee
Make Your Own Deodorizing Carpet Powder - One Good Thing by Jillee

Carpet Powder

I don’t do it very often…but sometimes it’s nice to boost the “clean smell” of the house by sprinkling the carpets with a little “carpet deodorant”.

I can only imagine that if you had pets it would be more of a NECESSITY than a NICETY.

But when I happened to look at my $5.00 container of carpet powder recently and saw the ingredients….


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Sodium aluminosilicate

Sodium sulfate


…..I figured there had to be a better alternative.

Of course there was….and not only is it made from all natural ingredients (Yes! Borax IS a “natural” ingredient!) it’s also made with products easily found in your local grocery store and is fairly inexpensive!

So now you can keep your carpets smelling fresh without bringing unnecessary chemicals into your home.

Natural Carpet Powder

1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup baking soda

1 teaspoon your choice of essential oils (sweet orange oil is a natural flea repellent)


1 teaspoon ground cinnamon or cloves (cloves help deter moths)

  • Combine borax and baking soda in glass or plastic bowl.
  • Add about 20-25 drops of essential oil OR a teaspoon of cinnamon or ground cloves.
  • Stir to combine until the mixture is free of lumps.
  • Transfer powder to an empty container (an empty cheese container would work nicely.)
  • Shake the powder onto your carpets at let sit for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming.

Tip #1: Don’t use ground cinnamon or cloves if you have a lighter colored carpet and you’re worried about potential staining. You can use cinnamon or clove essential oil instead if you still want to incorporate their scent into your carpet powder.

Tip #2: If you or someone in your family is sensitive to smells, use plain baking soda only for your carpeting. It is effective in neutralizing the odors in the room.

Enjoy your fresh carpets!

Original article and pictures take http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/07/make-your-own-deodorizing-carpet-powder.html site

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Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner - One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner - One Good Thing by Jillee
Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner - One Good Thing by Jillee

Citrus Enzyme cleaner

Let me start out by saying I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON. Just ask anyone in my family. No wait, don’t. Just trust me on this one.

So when I read about making this enzyme cleaner that takes 3 MONTHS to “mature”…I just knew I could never stand the waiting! So I ALMOST passed on this idea….until I read in the COMMENTS of this particular blog post instructions how to speed the process up from 3 months to TWO WEEKS!

I thought about it long and hard….and after some DEEP soul searching…I decided I COULD do 2 weeks. :-)

So the “2 weeks” were up about 2 weeks ago, but things have been a bit hectic around here so I didn’t actually get around to giving it a good test drive until this weekend! As you can see by the date on the bottle…I ALMOST made it ONE MONTH. :-) So I figured it should be ready enough for a good test. I decided the bathroom would be my first “test subject”.

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

After cleaning the toilet and the tub….I have to say….I am very impressed!

But let me back up a little. When I found this idea online I was intrigued because I had heard good things about enzymes. As a matter of fact….a few months back we had to call a plumber to deal with some clogged pipes that caused a minor flood. After he took care of the problem he gave us a bottle of enzyme cleaner to pour down the drains on a regular basis to KEEP it that way. We have been CLOG-FREE ever since. :-)

So the idea of making my own enzyme cleaner was appealing for several reasons.

  • It’s natural, environment-friendly, and non-toxic.
  • It’s made from kitchen scraps!
  • It’s effective!

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

So here is the “recipe”:

Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Things Needed:

  • 2-liter Plastic Bottle
  • 100 g (or about 1/2 cup) Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon yeast (optional, to speed up process)
  • 1 liter Water
  • 300 g (or about 2 cups) Lemon and/or Orange Scraps
  • Marking Pen

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

Pour the brown sugar into the 2-liter plastic bottle.

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

Cut the lemon and orange scraps (I only had lemons on hand) into pieces small enough to fit the mouth of the bottle. Put them

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in the bottle.

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

Add yeast. Add one liter of tap water into the bottle. Tightly screw the cap so that no liquid falls out and dissolve the sugar by shaking the bottle for about 30 seconds.

Citrus Enzyme cleaner

For the first couple of weeks, give the bottle a shake once a day, making sure to leave the bottle cap loosely fastened to avoid gas build-up (ie. Explosions!) from the fermentation process.

Using a marking pen, write the date on the bottle. It will take three months for the ingredients to ferment. (Or two weeks if you add the yeast.)

Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner and Scrub

When the enzyme cleaner is ready…add half a cup of enzyme cleaner to one liter of water and mix thoroughly. (Use more if you prefer a stronger concentration.)

Some uses recommended for this non-toxic, environmentally friendly enzyme:

  • for dishes and laundry (use 1/4 cup of enzyme)
  • for washing bathrooms and toilets. grime comes off easily (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water)
  • for removing stubborn stains and odours (coloured fabrics and floors) (use undiluted)
  • to clean vegetables and fruits (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water)
  • clear blockages in kitchen sinks and drains (use concentrated or blended pulp/sludge of enzyme)
  • as a natural insect repellent (use undiluted) for ants, cockroaches.
  • for mopping floors (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)
  • as fertilizer for plants (use 1 part enzyme to 20 parts water, or use the leftover mop water)
  • as a skincare product, e.g. facial cleanser or toner (1 part enzyme to 2 parts water)
  • wash cars – cars will look as if they have just been polished! (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)

I have EVEN read about people using this on their faces! I’m not quite brave enough….yet. Maybe someday. :-)

I will definitely be trying out this “wonder cleaner” on more areas around my home and will continue to report my “findings” to you.

Meanwhile, if you have some leftover citrus laying around…why not make up a batch and see what you think???

Original article and pictures take http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/03/make-your-own-citrus-enzyme-cleaner.html site

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Make your own all natural cat deterrent spray.

Make your own all natural cat deterrent spray.
Make your own all natural cat deterrent spray.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents

This is our sweet Macy Grace. She’s one of our two cats, and that lovely piece of furniture is my new couch, and their new favorite scratching post. I am not pleased. I get it though…cats need to scratch. Let’s not pretend like Macy Grace and Pearl don’t have scratching posts…they do. They’d just rather help me break in the new couch I guess. Also, Pearl has decided that she prefers the area behind Matt’s chair to her litter box (which is always clean and she has always used). She’s angry at us for bringing in Macy, and that’s just too bad. We love them both…they are our babies, but the nonsense had to stop. I decided to try some things out. At first, I tried sprinkling orange oil around the areas…they didn’t care. Then I tried lavender…nope, no big deal to them. I tried this new cat deterrent spray recipe made with lemon and eucalyptic essential oils, and it is working! The cats aren’t scratching my couch or urinating on our carpet…WIN!

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents

You will need a clean spray bottle, a small squirt of clear dish liquid, Lemon Essential Oils, Eucalyptus Essential Oils, and water.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents

Fill the spray bottle 3/4 the way up with water, then add a few drops of clear dish liquid. The dish liquid should be clear so it won’t discolor your fabric…it acts as a mixing agent for the oils and water.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents

Now add 10 drops each of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil to the spray bottle. Replace the lid and shake well.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents

Macy got a little nosy and wanted to check it out…she didn’t stay long…I don’t think she was too pleased with me.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents
Cat Spraying No More

Simply spray a bit wherever you want to keep the cats away. I only used it on the corners and arms of our sofa and the area behind Matt’s chair where Pearl has been frequenting. We’ve been using it for a week and it works great. They don’t seem bothered by it, they just avoid the areas where we sprayed it. They still jump up on our laps on the couch and are happy go lucky as usual…lots of purring and loving going on around here, and now mom is happy too! It’s all natural, so there is no worry about hurting your cats at all!

Original article and pictures take http://www.mom4real.com/homemade-cat-deterrent-spray-stop-scratching-accidents/ site

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Magnifique petite maison en pleine campagne normande ! – L'Humanosphère

Magnifique petite maison en pleine campagne normande ! – L'Humanosphère
Magnifique petite maison en pleine campagne normande ! – L'Humanosphère


Architecture – Petite maison : Ce n’est pas parce qu’on veut acheter une très petite maison que l’on doit pour autant manquer de goût… et c’est ce que démontre les quelques images que je voudrais vous présenter dans cet article.


1. L’espace intérieur de cette magnifique

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maison est tapissé de bois. Le bois confère une ambiance chaude et il ne doit pas être lavé. (Un petit entretien de temps en temps avec de l’huile de lin et c’est le bonheur!). Notez les belles & grandes fenêtres qui illuminent l’intérieur de lumière. (Attention, les grandes fenêtres au niveau du sol attirent le regard …. des voleurs….)


2. L’escalier est un peu raide. Quand on vieillit, ce n’est pas très simple… Mais avec le temps, on peut trouver une autre façon de monter dans la mezzanine.


3. La salle de bain n’a rien à envier à celles qui habitent dans nos appartements, si?


4. Niveau équipement : la maison ne manque de rien. La cuisine est toute équipée et le poèle central, non content d’apporter une touche divinement design… vous comblera de chaleur.









Photographie: Vincent Gremillet : Via Côte Maison

Sans relation mais parfois intéressant

Original article and pictures take http://www.humanosphere.info/2015/05/magnifique-petite-maison-en-pleine-campagne-normande/ site

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Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!
Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

If your pets spend most of their time outdoors, why not consider a dog or cat home for them? These cottage feel, miniature homes for your furry friends come in all shapes and sizes. If you're a handy person, take this as inspiration. If not, here's a link to the Blythe Wood Works website where you can pick and choose one from their wide range of selections!

Completely personalized to your pets' needs and their environment, you can even add on a heating pad

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or air-conditioning unit to these outdoor pet homes! There are a variety of options on their website that range in price between $300 and $1000 including free shipping!

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Photo Source for these images: Blythe Wood Works.

Luxurious Outdoor Cat and Dog Homes For Your Furry Friends!

Photo Source for this image: Goods Home Design. This home is no longer viewable on the Blythe Wood Works website, however, may be available by special order.

Original article and pictures take http://diply.com/creativeideas/luxurious-outdoor-cat-dog-homes-your-furry-friends/20462 site