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The best chicken feeder in the world.

The best chicken feeder in the world.
The best chicken feeder in the world.

Chicken Feeder 6

I even put a pan under their feeder to catch a lot of what they flung. Sometimes they’d eat out of that pan, but once it hit the floor of the coop they wanted nothing to do with their food. So it was a HUGE waste. I was having to go up to the feed store twice as often as I should have.

So when a reader (I can’t remember who exactly but I DO thank her) suggested I try this homemade PVC feeder I figured I’d give it a shot. A girl needs her beauty rest and it wasn’t going to happen until this food situation was figured out.

Basically I made a long tube that gets filled with feed. That runs to another small, upward facing tube. The angle and length of the feeding tube prevents the chickens from being able to partake in the food fling.

Wanna do it too? Here’s how …


You literally just shove the pieces together. I didn’t even glue them.

I keep one feeder outside the coop during the day and one inside. At night I bring the outside feeder into the coop to prevent raccoons and other critters from getting into it. One day when I’m at Home Depot, I’ll remember to buy 2 extra caps for the outside feeder. I’ll just put a cap on the top and one on the mouth of the feeder at night and leave it outside.

The caps will keep both rain and vermin out. Unless that vermin has hands and opposable thumbs. Like a leprechaun. If a leprechaun finds my feeder I’m shit outta luck.

(update: I finally found out where the original feeder for this came from …

Cat Spraying No More
Thanks to Mike’s Instructable. )

(Second Update: To stop the feed from dropping down to the bottom of the feeder use this little hack I came up with last summer. Just add a mason jar sealer in between the bottom piece and the feeding tube. For years I used a flimsy yogurt container lid because … well I have no idea why. Because I was stupid I guess, lol.)


Just take the bottom piece of the tube off (the part that sits on the ground).

Find an old seal from a mason jar.


Put it on the top of tube. A standard (not wide mouth) sealer fits the top of a 3″ plastic pipe PERFECTLY.



Original article and pictures take http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/diy-no-spill-chicken-feeder/ site

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